Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gettin' dirty.

Today we had a 60 degree and sunny afternoon! So we took advantage of it and spent the day outside at the house, mostly playing in the dirt. We did a little sprucing up of one of the backyard rosebush beds, which has much more in it than just rosebushes, we found. We dug up mystery bulbs that haven't yet sprouted, and some tiny little sprouting plants that are also of an unknown variety. We replanted the bulbs in a different area, and stuck the seedlings in a pot to see if they are something we want to keep. Bryan sifted dirt in his homemade dirt sifter and resurfaced the bed.

bryan at work
Name this plant!

I got to meet the next door neighbor to our left, in the brick house. Her name is Frances and she has 8 children who take turns coming over to visit on the weekends and help her with her yard and house. She's very nice, and Bryan spoke with her about the fence we share. Apparently in the past, one of her children's dogs got into our yard and killed a dog that lived in our house. Scary! This explains why there was a fence extender on that side of the yard! Bryan took the extender down this afternoon, which prompted a visit from Frances to give us the backstory. That dog is no longer living, so the coast seemed clear. But can you imagine? Probably wasn't the best thing for neighbor relations...

Perhaps most importantly, to me, we hung 2 sets of the shutters on the front of the house today, to see if that would ease my concerns about the siding. I think the shutters do help quite a bit. Partly because it covers up some of the siding I don't like, but also because it give your eye something else to look at. So, that's good :)

New shutters

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