Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still here...

Hi there! We're still here -- there's just been a lot going on and intermittent internet access. Let's see...we moved out of the apt (finally.) around the 9th/10th. With some assistance from a big team of awesome helpers:

The moving crew, after the second load up.

We then spent a solid week cleaning and re-painting. Which took way longer than we expected. Our lease was up on the 21st of May, and we made it by the skin of our teeth. But now all of our stuff is in one place. And I mean ALL of our STUFF (two 17' truck loads and a later 10' truck load. sheesh.) The house got full pretty quickly. I'm hoping we can do some more culling as we unpack.

where'd the floor go? sigh. the kitchen.

Also - the peonies bloomed! (and more roses. and some irises!) Gorgeous. Alas, it's a fleeting gorgeousness, since peonies only set buds once a year. Really, I'm finding that nearly all of gardening is a pretty big life lesson in appreciating what you have when you have it. Mother Nature is on her own time table and doesn't care that you want peonies in September, because she only provides them in May.


So, that's the current news in bramberville. Doing lawnwork (that grass grows fast!), unpacking boxes, dreaming of house projects, and returning to wedding planning (less than 4 months away! yowza.)

Oh, and for a cliffhanger, I'll leave you with a tease -- we'll have to tell you about our new friend Rosemary. Maybe Bryan will write about her :)

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