Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coming attractions and house flatulence.

It's going to be an exciting few weeks at Bramberville! On tap we've got:
  • a new roof (shingles) going up this Tuesday. The stacks of shingles have already been delivered to our rooftop and are awaiting the roofers' attention.
  • new siding! We've chosen a medium tan color to replace the white. This is scheduled to be installed at the end of next week or early in the following week, along with...
  • new upstairs windows. We're replacing the 6 original windows upstairs, but keeping the old windows to sell or use otherwise.
  • new gutters to replace the cruddy, falling apart plastic things on the house now.
It'll look like a whole new house! Pictures to come...

In other news, we got our first gas bill in the mail. For 19 days of service, the bill is $230+. Good times. Looks like we'll be turning the thermostat down. Maybe lighting the fireplace. Maybe wearing a sweater or two. Maybe learning about solar panels...

At least we're heading into spring before long.

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