Monday, February 16, 2009

hey good lookin'!

Today was a great day... Casey and I finished painting the dining room and living room!

The color choice was stressful, as picking paint colors always seems to be. I painted about 5 different color swatches on the walls, and didn't think I liked any of them enough to be the basic, all over neutral I was hoping for. The color we went with is actually the color in our current apt dining room: Cobblestone by Ralph Lauren. I LOVED this color in our dining room, but when I painted a swatch of it at the new house, I thought it looked muddy and dead and not that lovely. But, in the end, we went with it (I'll spare you the boring dramatics of going back and forth on colors and Bryan's (and eventually my) disenchantment with the whole color selection process), because we had 10 people showing up the next day, and painting needed to happen. So, away we went to Home Depot and plunked down our shekels for 4 gallons of paint that I wasn't sure I was going to like. But in the end... looks awesome!! The color is kind of a magic color - is it grey? is it beige? is it taupe? It works with pretty much anything. And, it contrasts nicely with the white trim, which was my ultimate wall color goal. Check it out:

From this:


To this!

Living room facelift

Dining room facelift

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