Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh Nutmeg, where art thou?

Well, I suppose it was bound to happen one day, but I thought perhaps it would take longer than 2 weeks -- Nutmeg ran away. Kinda. She got out of the backyard by squeezing through the gap in the gate entrance. I think she escaped to go look for us, since we had inadvertently left her in the backyard for a bit. But she decided to look for us way down the street and head towards the main road with lots of traffic. Luckily Casey, Bridgett, Heather, Jen and Neil were on hand to help look. Neil saw her trotting down the street and engaged in Boy Scout-like behavior by chasing after her and bringing her back home. Way to go Neilski - thanks for saving my dog from getting run over... that would really have put a damper on the day.

Other than dog excitement, this was a less productive day. Oh, we did get to test out the hot water and downstairs shower in the house ... we woke up this morning to no hot water in the apartment, so Bryan, my mom and I popped over to the house (oh the convenience of having bought a house 1 stoplight away!) for our morning showers.

Later in the day, my mom worked her cleaning magic on the upstairs bathroom, I touched up some paint, and then we headed for IKEA and some swedish meatballs and ligonberry soda. IKEA also has the best french fries. YUM. We checked out kitchen cabinets and rugs, mostly.

While the girls were out exploring Swedish innovation, Bryan and Nathan were back at the homestead, continuing the backyard leaf extraction project, and proving their lifetime membership in the Handymen Club by pulling off a pretty awesome plumbing fix. I'm sure Bryan will write about this and provide pictures of the nasty goop they pulled out of the pipe, which was causing our kitchen sink to back up. It was pretty impressive!

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  1. Is that a photo of Nutmeg telling Bryan about her adventures??